Book a photo shoot


Prices listed here are for single portraits or small families.

30 Minutes - $25

This price includes: 

1 Hour - $45

This price includes:

2 Hours - $75

This price includes:


$5 - All photos taken, in a high quality .jpg - perfect for memories

$10 - All photos taken, in RAW format (.cr2) - perfect if you want to edit the photos yourself, or pay a print shop to edit them

$15 - $20 - All photos taken, in your choice of RAW ($20) or .jpg ($15)  files on a thumb drive

$5 - Photos stored on a CD

$5 - Additional month of cloud storage

$5 - Five additional edited photos

Book a Photo Session!

To book a photo shoot, please email, thank you! You can also send a message to on Facebook or Instagram.