Misc Portraits - 2018

Here are some portraits I've taken this year, proud of them, I enjoyed taking these photos.

Art City Days - Fireworks - 6-9-18

These firework photos are the first I took with my DSLR. The one's I uploaded are unedited, and for my first try at Firework photography, I'm pleased with how well they turned out.

Hobble Creek - Nature - 4-28-18

These photo's were taken up Hobble Creek Canyon, this was the second photo shoot I did after I got my DSLR, and I'm glad they look as well as they do.

Hobble Creek - Smokey - 9-14-18

These photo's I took up Hobble Creek, to get some images of the Pole creek fire. The only one I edited in this album is the one you see to the left.

Interested in more Photos?

You can find more photo's around the website or by checking out the links below!

All of the photo's on this page were taken with a Canon EOS Rebel t6i